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My Amps

I haven't done DIY amps yet. Actually, I am very happy with the amps I found. Anyway, I should tweak my T-amp soon.

Making an amp that would have the same great bass response as the Amcron Micro-Tech 1200 would be quite hard (his damping factor is greater than 1000 and it can power 2 Ohm speakers for days). I think the best way would be using Hypex digital amps. But I'll try this later as I am very satisfied by the Amcron.

For the medium and high frequencies, doing a quality amp, with good noise signal ratio is quite difficult and expensive (I am using high efficiency speakers). I am happy with my Naim NAIT and I will compare it with the modded T-amp.

My aim is not to do everything myself but to get the best value for the money.