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DIY Speakers

I listened to some Fostex speakers of my friends before making my owns. I liked it a lot. Using a full-range speaker allows to get good results easily. The choice of the plans (Backhorn, bass relflex, ...) must be OK.

Most of the people using Fostex speakers use tube amps. This is not my case. I think there are good amps using each technology. If you have an agressive sound coming out of the speakers maybe it is not the fault of the amp but the plans you chose may not be suitable or the speakers position in the room is not good. I listen to a lot of guitar heroes and I think that using a tube stereo smoothes the sound. But guitar players use tube amps, so am I stupid ? No, a guitar player wants to work on his sound and his effects. When you are listening to a CD, you don't want to change the sound, you want to hear the recording with maximum fidelity.

Even if a speaker is called "full-range", it can't reproduce all the audible frequencies. Actually in Europe, we call these speakers "wide-range", which is more accurate I think. I think you have to use a bass speaker, even if your speakers are back-horn enclosures, if you want to get wider and extended bass response. I also think that some full-range speakers reproduce too high frequencies. These high frequencies should be reproduced by a super-tweeter. For exemple the FE206. You have to use a crossover or to remove his cone in order to use a tweeter.

I am not finished, the next stage will be doing a central speaker. I am also working on a huge subwoofer project.